At 2-years-old, your child continues along his/her path to independence. At the Twinkle Wonders Child Care Center, our Two-Year-Old Care room provides the many tools needed for your son/daughter to further his/her ability to navigate the world. By incorporating more learning with child development, our child care staff helps mold your son/daughter into a well-adjusted, intelligent individual.

Because 2-year-olds develop at their own pace, our child development staff focuses daily on the skills in which your child expresses interest.   We encourage you to speak with our Developmental Specialist or your pediatrician if you have concerns regarding your child's development.

Daily Activities For 2-4 year ols

Indoor Floor Exploration
Outdoor Play
Story time
Singing and Musical Enrichment
Bonding via Rocking
Diaper Changes and Cleanup
Nap Time
Bonding via Holding and Cuddling
Feeding Time(s)

With the looming transition to Kindergarten approaching, Pre-K at Twinkle Wonders Child Care Center is all about preparing your child for the challenges ahead. Our curriculum is educational as well as fun.  More independent and outgoing than ever, your Pre-Kindergarten student socializes with both teachers and peers while playing and learning.  Our structured environment helps further develop essential skills.

Featured prominently in the Pre-K room are learning centers that excite and stimulate your child's desire to learn.  From the always important reading station that encourages your child's love of reading in conjunction with our extensive library to our math and science centers that instill confidence in your Pre-Kindergartener, the child development staff at Twinkle Wonders Child Care Center helps instill the knowledge and confidence that your 4-year-old needs to be a successful student his/her entire life.

2 Year Old

4 year old