Engagement into Creative activities 

Placing a high value on diversity and interaction, we strive to create a positive and comfortable environment for infants and toddlers. Parents know their children are safe and provided for. In addition, children are provided the foundations for learning and growth needed to become successful in school.

Learning on Caring and Secure Hands

By providing them a safe and secure envrionement in which they are able to learn, a broad range of things as far as: 

Completing a puzzle with 20-50 pieces

    Counting up to 10 objects

    Indentifying and sequencing numbers 1-20

    Sorting objects based on visual measurements

    Using words to describe locations, directions and sizes

    Understanding ordinal numbers first through 10th

    Understanding halves and wholes.

It is very important to engage your little one into creative activities so they know from early age, what they like and what talent they have, because if from early age they have shown passion and happiness certain activities, and are guided through it, they have more chande to properly develop and become succefull at it, and here at our facilities we want your little one to explore all of they capabilities.


    Indentifying uppercase and lowercase letters

    Forming stories to match the pictures within a book

    Memorizing the words to his/her favorite book

    Reenacting a favorite story

    Recognizing if mistakes occur during the reading of a favorite book


    Recognizing printed first and last name

    Recognizing rhyming words

    Completing three-step tasks

    Further developing his/her vocabulary

    Speaking in complete sentences

    Retelling stories in the correct sequence

    Rejecting the urge to use "baby talk"


 Utilizing the scientific method by making predictions, testing

    hypotheses, observing and forming or revising hypotheses

    Identifying common traits

    Recognizing the importance of adaptation for survival

    Understanding habitats

    Recognizing seasons

    Understanding that all living creatures and plants have basic needs

    Classifying items by similar traits, such as texture, color and shape