Twinkle Wonders Approach to Your Child’s Development

Our approach to day care is a bit different than other facilities. Everything in our facility is designed to engage
children, providing them plenty of space along with stimulation and secure interaction.
Whether learning to move their bodies or involved in interactive play with other infants. 
the children at our day care center are given the encouragement and support needed to grow.

Infants (6-Weeks to 12-Months)

Babies need plenty of rest as well as affectionate care. With a one to four infant to care giver ratio, your baby is sure to receive all the needed attention. From the moment your baby enters Twinkle Wonders Child Care Center's infant care room, he/she feels at ease. The product of years of infant study and observation, our nursery provides optimal comfort, safety and learning and development opportunities for your child.

Our Curriculum  

Exploring is important for an infant. At Twinkle Wonders School , we provide the encouragement and support needed for infants  to gain independence and interactions.From the age of six weeks through 11 months, your baby expresses a need and desire to explore his/her surroundings. Our nursery features a warm, inviting design that calms your child and gives him/her a feeling of security. We decorated the room in soothing colors and placed extra padding under our carpet to give your baby a soft place to crawl and roll as he/she begins to navigate the world.

Indoor Floor Exploration, socialization

Outdoor Exploration
Story time
Singing and Musical Enrichment
Bonding via Rocking
Diaper Changes and Cleanup
Nap Time
Bonding via Holding and Cuddling
Feeding Time(s)